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What is a wedding celebrant?

​Wedding celebrants work with you to create the perfect ceremony. A celebrant led ceremony is fully bespoke, personalised and unique, just as a wedding should be. Simply put, it's limitless. Choosing a wedding celebrant over a registrar at your ceremony opens up the creative door to endless possibilities. You can hold your ceremony anywhere, we can include anything and your guests will forever remember the magic they shared in that day. 

Is a celebrant led wedding ceremony legal?

It's not legal, which is why it comes with so much freedom. 
Independent celebrants in England and Wales are not able to legally register your marriage at present. However, the benefit of this is that your options are less restricted with a celebrant-led ceremony.
You can complete the legal part at the registrar, no need to get dressed up, exchange rings or include vows, instead opting to do all this with your celebrant on the day of your ceremony. I would be happy to advise and assist you with this. Think of it in the same way as a christening or funeral. You register the birth or death and then the baby-naming or funeral is purely symbolic but the most memorable part of the process.

Can we incorporate religion or any rituals?

Of course, whether you want to include a hymn or hand-fasting ceremony, I've got you. We are creating something memorable and personal, and everything that matters to you guys should feature. 

What other ceremonies can celebrants lead?

Helping people mark the special moments in their lives with personal and magical ceremonies is what a celebrant is all about. Naming ceremonies for that little (or big) star, vow renewals or memorial ceremonies. And just like with weddings we are creating a bespoke and unique ceremony that your and your guests will remember forever.

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