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Frankie and Joe - Wherever you go.....

Frankie and Joe contacted me via The Celebrant Directory in Spring. They were holding their ceremony in the summer at Belcote Farm following completing the legal part in Easter. The inital brief was something non traditional and relaxed and as soon as I researched Belcote I knew they had found the perfect venue. Tipi wedding venues are a fabulous addition to the ever growing list of possibilties when couples are open to looking outside of the conventional wedding location box. In Belbroughton, Stourbridge Yaz and Chris have created an absolutely ideal blank canvas that has all you need to see your day come to life. The ceremony area is stunning yet simple, allowing the couple and their love story to be the main focus....A celebrants dream!

When I received back the questionnaire from Frankie and Joe, it was so clear they were not just an amazing couple, but best friends and the strongest of teams. And when we met for coffee, we talked for ages about their mantra, "Us against the world" Frankie also loved my theory of true love being tangible, so asked for me to include that in the script.

Writing F&J's love story was a joy, I talked about their journey from friends to fiances, their travels around the world and their goals for the future. All while keeping that strong thread of trust, loyalty and companionship. After a couple of amendments we settled on a ceremony script that reflected exactly what makes this couple amazing.

Following the middle of the month heatwave, the wedding day on the 30th July was thankfully cooler, with a slight breeze and even though a few clouds were forming as guests were arriving, the atmosphere of excitement and love took over. I always ask my couples who is their most organised and direct member of the wedding party, and for F&J this was Bill. Frankie's brother and a proud member of Joe's grooms he was the ideal sorter-outer, confetti arranger and happily assisted me with my sound check (I made the last minjute decision to not use a PA system due to the wind picking up) so needed someone to be a very valuable set of ears pre-ceremony!

When Joe arrived with his best man we talked places with Kerri from Dearest Love Photography and music, agreeing what the all important signal would be when Frankie would be walking towards Joe and play needed to be pressed. All guests were enjoying getting a drink from the bar and the children loved having the freedom to run around and spotted the lawn games immediately! This really added to the feel of the day, they weren't here to just watch a wedding ceremony, they were here to experience and enjoy the day so when the car carrying Frankie arrived and drove around the back of the tent everyone took to their seats, drinks in hand.

Frankie's bridesmaids waked down the aisle in the most stunning dusky blue dresses and then Frankie and her Dad strolled down, arm in arm, while George Ezra "All my love" played.

I just absolutely adore the moment when the bride arrives and the three of us have this little hello, I always have to (not literally) pinch myself and remember I have a thing to do, because that moment is so full of love and happiness it's extremely easy to get lost in!

During the ceremony we included a little nod to Louise, the mutual friend who introduced F&J seven years before, who sat there as a bridesmaid very proud of her friends and their journey from when they met at university.

I'd helped F&J with the format of their vows, but the thoughtful and personal memories and promises they read to each other were all them, especially that Frankie promised to always laugh at Joe's dodgy puns!

After Joe had kissed his bride, a moment I always make sure to dash back from view for, I announced "confetti at the ready!" and off they went, a glass of champagne in each of their hands before the last guests had left their seats, exactly as it should be!

After a lovely chat with Yaz and Chris I said my goodbyes, off to get my standard post ceremony dried mango and iced coffee, absolutely honoured to be a part of the most perfect day for Frankie and Joe.

Venue: Belcote Farm

Photographer: Dearest Love Photography

Celebrant: Forever Ceremonies

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