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Charlotte and Teejay....The best things are worth waiting for 💚

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

When I received the enquiry for Charlotte and Teejay’s wedding my thought process went like this....1. Yes! 2. It's in less than 4 weeks! 3. YES!I knew with such a short space of time until the wedding date, there must be a story here and when I spoke with Charlotte the next day she told me all about their middle of the pandemic wedding, the other dates that followed which had to be cancelled due to covid and how this would finally be their chance to celebrate with their families. And with Thorpe Gardens for a venue, I knew this would be the perfect setting. Everytime I get booked for a wedding I do a little happy dance, so whilst doing just that, I quickly got to work on their questionnaire. I knew we wouldn't have chance to meet before the day so made sure to ask all the questions and get all the answers I could to write them the personal and unique script they deserved. The email I received back had me falling in love with their love. The support they have for each other and their children, their shared love of the theatre and country music and all the work that had gone into all the wedding plans that would finally be coming to life. With all that in mind, and the Nashville sountrack playing, I got to work. The tone of the script was simple....we've got this. I talked about their first connection, the family and home they had built, making sure to shout out Lou-Pom the Pomeranian. Their love that had allowed them to take life's challenges and spin them into their own successes. The support of their families and a special thank you to the amazing suppliers who had worked with them the whole way. Luckily (because it's always a massive stress) Charlotte loved the script so with little over a week to go all was fabulous. That was until two nights before when I started to feel ill! Having a side hustle where you're self employed, and the only employee is a nightmare when you're unwell. So, I covered myself in vicks (the sole of the feet thing really works by the way) downed what was probably a dangerous amount of orange juice and even started to research IV drip places. Fortunately by the morning of the ceremony I felt better, and after a negative LFT I packed my bag and set off. Thorpe Gardens isn't far from me at all and the weather was so perfect. The first of October brought with it the kind of sunshine which would be more fitting in August but the excitement and energy in the air was all for the Pearsons. Now, I don't say this lightly, but walking into the yurt an hour before the ceremony took my breath away. This wedding had originally been planned for Italy and the vision had been absolutely achieved when created by @tamarynstreasures so much greenery, flowers, candles. Words cannot do it justice. @JordanSamanthaYatesMusic complimented the vibe flawlessly, and as guests started to take their seats, the personal additions of the ceremony cards and fans laid on the seats added to the exceptional detail that had been dedicated to this day. I caught up with Teejay to have the all important "you stand here" conversation and also to check how he was feeling. The response was along the lines of "very nervous" but I could immediately tell his team of groomsmen would make sure he held it together. I also had a chat with the brilliant @ClairePennPhoto who captured the most amazing images and @PaperTwinWed who fitted my microphone so I was ready for the filming of the ceremony, something I absolutely adore. When your love is as epic as this one, it just has to be made into a movie. When the selection of wedding songs started to play, the bridesmaids began their walk down the aisle and then...Charlotte. Looking absolutely stunning, walking towards her handsome forever who was filled with emotion. It really was the most beautiful sequence of moments. Starting the ceremony I talked about their journey so far and the adventures that, finally, got them to the end of the aisle. Two of their friends read pieces chosen for the day, and the thank you mentions I wove into the script for their families, friends and suppliers were so well received. And then, it was time for the vows. When I work with couples, I always ask if they want any assistance writing their vows, but Charlotte didn't just write her vows, she had a whole surprise planned for Teejay which was simply the most epic of additions to a wedding I've ever seen. Personal, original and musical (you'll have to wait for the video to find out more) this left the guests full of all the emotions, and Teejay completely speechless. So when it was his turn, my "you're up" nudge did get a laugh. Teejay’s vows were equally as beautiful and emotional, with references to Love Island and Marvel, he did an amazing job of expressing his love, and getting a few laughs. After the rings and the first kiss I ended the ceremony with "Here's to love, here's to you" a nod to their first dance song and with that, off they went to continue their celebrations. I managed to sneak a goodbye and a massive thank you for letting me be a part of their day, which is when I found out Charlotte had been keeping another surprise from Teejay, me! He knew someone would be taking the ceremony, but hadn't seen the script or been told what I would be talking about so really loved the personalised element, in his words it was "right up my street" and to be honest, that's one of the best compliments I could receive. Happy Forever After Mr & Mrs Pearson 💚

PhotoCredit: @Clairepennphoto

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